Retail Graduate Programme

Take a step in the right direction

Retail Graduate Programme

Take a step in the right direction

We believe in our graduates

"You get immersed in different roles and it's really exciting. There's always a reward at the end for the work you've done."

- Jackie

We believe a better tomorrow starts today

"It's a good base to set you up to where you want to go - it's a great starting point. Take the opportunity with both hands."

- Lee

We believe in working together

"The best part of the programme, for me, was that I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do. There were always people and role models around that would help direct me, and have those discussions with me."

- Chantelle

We believe in respecting others

"The people are awesome - there's young, and old, funny, and the industry attracts a few different people as well, which is a good thing. The people by far have been the best thing, it makes coming to work easy. Especially with a first job."

- Josh

We believe that if you can dream it, you can do it

"Really I just liked the variety of roles. I like the idea of coming to work and trying different things, dealing with people, going to different places - as opposed to just parking behind a desk for 40 years."

- Alex

We believe everyday’s an opportunity to improve.

“It’s completely different from what you study at university and there’s been a lot of opportunities to learn new skills. It’s been lots of hands-on stuff.”

- Max

What's actually involved?

Not all graduate programmes are created equal. These are the great opportunities you'll get with our one year programme (and the process for joining it).

Applications Open

This is your chance to show us your strengths and what you can offer our team.

  • Applications will close in mid Sept
  • Interviews will be held in late Sept - early Oct
  • Our shortlist will complete a personality test

Assessment Centre

  • Presentation to panel members
  • Q&A
  • Assessment centre activities & team tasks


We're not going to throw you in the deep end - we'll start with a welcome.

  • 2-day session in Auckland
  • Catch up with our past graduates
  • Meet the wider Toyota team
  • Visit to refurbishment plant in Thames

Dealership Role

You'll get started in a customer-facing Toyota position.

  • Intro to the business and our culture
  • Learn how to connect with our customers
  • Role-specific training, plus mentoring
  • Attend Toyota events as part of our team

Next 6 Months

Now it's time to spread your wings a bit more within the dealership.

  • Rotation through departments; Parts, Service, CLM, CRM and Finance & Insurance
  • Business training support
  • Continual dialogue with senior management
  • Present and implement your head office project

Find Your Pathway

In your second half of the year we'll work together to build you towards your dream future.

  • Further training in your chosen area
  • Identify future projects
  • Develop leadership and interest skills
  • Potential opportunity for permanent role

Meet our graduates